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Our Agency has a very important topic to discuss with you. We'll need 10 minutes of your time. We'd like to explain the concept of Whole Life Insurance to you.

How do you become your own source of financing? It's simple! A commitment to whole life insurance is the answer. Today, the banks won't loan you money unless you have collateral. The CD, money market accounts and passbook accounts pay very little in interest. We pay taxes on this money and it doesn't keep up with inflation.

We have a solution! We have a trusted agent, Carl J. Foulcard,who can show you a concept to make your money accumulate interest. You'll be able to borrow from yourself, then pay yourself back. Your money will continue to earn interest as if you never took out a loan.

Here's our question to you... If Carl J. Foulcard, can show you a way to eliminate your banker and become your own source of funding, would you be interested?

Kind Regards,

Foulcard Insurance Agency

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